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Love food and travel? Our food tours will have your taste buds dancing as you experience the world’s best cuisines the local way. From exploring Florence's markets before making pasta, then feasting on Italian favourites in a Tuscan villa or an authentic Māori Hangi in New Zealand, to cooking traditional Peruvian food with an award-winning local chef, a food holiday with Trafalgar will ensure you unlock the world’s most delicious destinations.


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Traditional feasts, local chefs & mouthwatering markets

Food is one of the best parts of travel and our local food tours go beyond what’s on your plate. We delve deeper into the history and culture behind the food that makes these destinations so delicious.

Dine with the locals

When we travel for food, we love to meet and eat like the locals. We offer a world of unique experiences, from an Irish banquet at Galway Castle with flowing wine and storytelling, to a Japanese Tea Ceremony with a traditional Tea Master. Visit an Argentinian ranch for a Gaucho barbecue, or join the Quintana family for a Costa Rican lunch on their farm.

Learn to cook new cuisines

One of the best travel souvenirs is the memory of learning to cook a new dish. Join a French chef for a lesson in all things French cooking in downtown Paris, or visit a local market in Thailand to source the freshest ingredients for the five flavours of Thai cuisine. In Japan, learn how to make Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima and sweet Momiji Manjyu in Miyajima Island.

Find out where your food comes from

Our food travel experiences take you from farm to table. Visit a farm in Costa Rica to learn how to make coffee and sugarcane liquor. Learn about farm to table practices at a organic Hawaiian farm or visit Peru to learn how to make gourmet chocolate from bean to bar. You can even visit a coconut palm sugar plantation in Thailand where a local farmer will show you how to create palm sugar.

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Food Travel

What are food tours?

Which city has the best street food?

When you travel for food, the best way to discover a country’s culinary scene is to join a local food tour. Our food tours are led by Local Specialists who reveal all the delicious secrets of the country’s food scene. You’ll visit markets to source ingredients, join a cooking class, learn about the history and culture of the cuisine, and sample plenty of tasty food.

You’ll find some of the world’s greatest food in side alleys and street corners. The cities with the best street food include Singapore with their incredible hawker malls, Thailand with their sizzling woks, and Mexico with carts full of steaming tamales. We also love the fresh banh mi served on the streets of Vietnam and the gelato and pizza hole-in-the-wall options in Italy.

What snacks are good for travel?

Which country in Europe has the best food?

You’ll discover plenty of new snacks wherever you travel, but it’s also a great idea to bring a few snacks from home for long journeys. The best travel snacks are small, lightweight and airport-security approved, like granola bars, crisps and dried fruit and nuts. Be sure to bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated on your food holiday and a re-useable coffee cup too.

Europe is home to some of the world’s greatest food, but which European cuisine is best? Crowd favourites include Italy for their pizza and pasta, France for their pastries and cheese, Spain for their paella and tapas, and Germany for their beer and bratwurst. We also love Georgia for their khinkali and rich stews, and Croatia for their seafood and roast lamb.